For those who thought having a lighting control system was expensive, lengthy to install and involves a refurbishment of your house – Think again!



Sophisticated home control is now available to all at an affordable price.

ThroughMyTV is delighted to work with LightwaveRF, a lighting solution capable of remote operation without the need for re-wiring your property. All switches and sockets are wireless enabled, retrofit-able into existing boxes and completely modular to allow you to add as much or as little as you wish.
Enjoy instant ‘mood settings’ at the hit of a switch in every room, and ‘one touch’ to turn every light, lamp or socket off as you leave the room – simple.
The mood switcher is completely wire-less and can be placed anywhere you desire – so why not keep it next to your armchair!  Lights can be controlled from the LightwaveRF remote, using PIR sensors, from your smartphone - even while away from the house.

Mood scenes and time sequences can be pre-set to simulate occupancy while you are away and remote control of pre-set scenes allows you to turn on the 'welcome home' lights as you turn into the drive!

Born out of the residential care market to provide devices which could enable independent living for the elderly and physically immobile, LightwaveRF has taken this simplistic technology and turned it into good looking, easy to use and affordable switches and sockets for the home technology lover.
LigtwaveRF is installed, supplied and supported by TMTV.
Contact us to discuss introducing a lighting solution to your home. Start small and replace a few lamps and work your way to a fully controllable system at the fraction of the cost of traditional lighting control systems.
Why not ask us about a suitable lighting solution using LightwaveRF for your home.
Following a brief initial meeting we can propose a number of devices, assess the electrical current draws and produce a lighting plan customised for you.
The incredible versatility of the LightwaveRF solution means you needn’t stop at just lighting.
Through this system, TMTV can also offer solutions for heating, power, security and even energy management.
A broadband connection will allow you to control any LightwaveRF device remotely from a smartphone anywhere there is an internet connection or 3G.

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